About Us

Hi, I am James from Chilled out Kids.

My sisters and I teach kids how to finger knit, arm knit and knit with needles to help them calm down. 

Research shows that knitting helps kids calm down, increases concentration, helps with maths skills, motor skills planning and organisation skills. I found knitting helped with all these things and more including helping me calm down when I get annoyed at having 4 older sisters.
Many kids don’t knit because they think it is too hard or boring, don’t have someone to teach them, or they get frustrated using needles and give up. Parents think they don’t have time to teach them, or hope grandma will teach them.
I have created the Ultimate Knitting without Needles Starter Kit with us teaching them how to finger knit and arm knit using our super cool methods, so you don’t have to worry.
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Learn how to create your own knitting business

Hi, I'm Tara from Chilled Out Kids.

You might have heard how we made over $300 before we even had any stock. And you might be wondering how we did it. We used a little known strategy that can make a big difference to any business, big or small, new or old. And by joining our knitting and business program you can find out what that strategy is, and why it is so important to any kids business, an how adult businesses can benefit from the strategy too.

When people asked us how to do what we are doing, we created this step by step program for to learn how to knit before you pick up a knitting needle, and ways to get started in business.

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Healthy snacks for kids

Healthy kids are chilled out kids. One of the first steps to being a chilled out kid is putting good food in your mouth. If you dont have the right fuel, you are going to be a cranky pants. Now I love lollies as much as the next kid, but after you have had my yummy creations, you might (like me) think differently about reaching for a lolly.

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We all need creators

Hi, I'm Kaitlin from Chilled out Kids.

 I love designing cool items for you to make. I created the sleeved scarf, and the Elephant pillow, and the groovy snail, and am often testing new cool items  to make and create. 

I started by taking our fingerknitting on a 12 hour car trip. We had fingerknitting hanging from all different parts of the car, then wrapped as scarfs around my neck, then I tried new chunky wools and started to see the potential for different wools to create really cool items. 

Learn new skills

I didn't know how to sew until I had an idea to create cushions with our finger knitting. I pulled out mums old sewing machine. She checked everything still worked, then taught me how to use it, and now I have made really cool cushions and pillows. 

You could learn how to sew cool items too. So far I have created cushions, bags, glasses cases, and more. 

Learn 5 great tips for being creative:

1 . keep your mind more open

2. Everyone has a different way of thinking so find your own way of  thinking and it doesn't matter what you think it's a good idea

3 . Practice putting your mind outside of the box  

4. there is no wrong thinking so anything you think I can be created if you try

5. You can stand out from the crowd no matter what anyone else thinks as long as you a creative in your own way

Creative Cushions And More

Video Creator

Hi, I'm Alana from Chilled out kids, and I make and create videos for Chilledoutkids.com. One of the unique things about what we do is give you lots of different ways to learn how to do things. In our family, some of us learn by doing, some by watching videos, some by reading instructions. So our kits and lessons include lots of different ways for you to learn how to make cool things with finger knitting and arm knitting.

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