Chilled out Kids at Kingston Markets Celebration of Wool

Tips for selecting your Yarn

Chilled out Kids had a great weekend at Kingston Markets Celebration of Wool. Read on, as we answer a customer question What ply wools do you use?

James enjoyed making a customized scarf on the spot for this little boy.

Finger Knitting

James specialty is finger knitting. Several people commented on how he looked as though he could do it in his sleep. James loves creating with finger knitting. He particularly enjoys making infinity scarves with joined finger knitting. This one was a double finger knitted customized scarf.

Arm Knitting

It’s amazing how many more people have heard about arm knitting in the last year. We remember our first Kingston Market last year, when most people hadn’t heard of arm knitting. Now many people have heard about it, although still surprised that you can use your arms for knitting needles.

Each member of Chilled Out Kids demonstrated Arm knitting, finger knitting or knitting on the weekend.

Thanks a lot for your comments on the weekend. We noticed that a lot of people aren’t sure about how to choose a wool for arm knitting.

When you buy a Chilled Out Kids kit, we include a wool that will look good arm knitted.

So, you can get a great result first time.

Arm knitting, like all types of knitting, is incredibly relaxing. It has some great advantages

  • You can do it on a plane (no needles to be confiscated as you go through security)
  • Its far quicker than knitting with needles. You can create items in under an hour.
  • If you make a mistake its easy and quick to fix, or at worst, you can start again, and still have your item finished before dinner time.

Chilled out kids Finger Knitting and Arm Knitting Kits

Choosing a Yarn for Arm Knitting and Finger knitting

The trick to getting the best effects is choosing a wool that suits what you are making. When we create Arm knitted items, we are looking for great textures, colours, but most importantly, the right ply wool to give the effect we are looking for.

Some yarns make beautiful soft draping scarves, whilst others are great for cowls and infinities.

With arm knitting we choose how many strands of the yarn we want to use together to create the effect that we want.

For example, the new t-shirt yarns are great used single stranded. Chunky wools and super chunky wools, are great for thick and luxurious arm knitted items. We usually use 2 strands of yarn for these items. Sue from Yarn Hub, was at the Market too. Her yarns Mushroom yarns, are especially good for super chunky effects, as are her popcorn yarns.

Highly textured yarns usually look good using 2 strands.

Our Halloween Scarf features 2 chunky wools mixed with a fine wispy yarn for a cobwebby feel. The effects are only limited by your imagination.

12 ply yarns or less use extra strands of 3 or 4 yarns together. You will end up with a looser weave or pattern and a more delicate look than the really chunky wools.

We love the markets

Chilled out kids love the markets. There is always something new to see and do. Here is James learning how to weave thanks to Fiona at Ashculme Textiles